Energy Management System

EMSEnergy Management System is a collection of management tools that are used by ESCOMs and clients alike to monitor, control and optimize usage of energy by equipments. These tools are usually advanced and automated, that require minimum supervision. HVAC and lighting systems form major portion of equipments that are controlled by these systems. They are involved with metering, sub-metering of energy usage, processing of data and presenting status to the end-users and stakeholders. This aides in decision making process regarding energy usage across equipments in the site.

Modern day EMS involves computer system that has been designed to the specific to handle network of meters across the site wirelessly and store processed data on cloud that can be accessed anytime from anywhere. The meters installed can be that of electricity, gas and water systems. Additional analyzers like flue gas analyzers, temperature sensing elements, Carbon dioxide sensors and others can also be attached to the EMS for better monitoring and optimization.

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