Energy Auditing & Consultancy

+ Audit walk-through
+ BEE accredited auditors
+ Quick analysis
+ Identification of major energy leaks
+ Pragmatic solution development

Turnkey EE Solutions

+ Provide turnkey responsibility for projects
+ Provide best and cost effective solutions from industry leading OEMs
+ Commissioning of retrofit solutions recommended
+ Savings preserved over time
+ Long-term financial guarantee

Measurement & Verification

+ Post implementation services
+ Accurate, transparent & consistent assessment
+ Accounting for stable performance
+ State of the art cloud based energy monitoring solutions

Energy Monitoring Solutions

+ Metering of high energy consuming devices
+ Computer processing of energy usage data
+ Cloud based support
+ Real time monitoring and automation

Infrastructure Upgradation

+ Help industries & establishments to upgrade
+ Revamp their equipment and infrastructure
+ Usage of latest technology available in the market to make the process efficient

Energy Efficiency Financing

+ Financing energy upgrades
+ Combining EPSC's with financing, public and private organizations
+ Limited upfront investment

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