Energy Efficiency

Simply put, Energy Efficiency means doing more with less energy. Energy efficiency can be viewed as using the available energy in the most productive way for your organization, thereby making a complete resource sense for your business. Energy Efficiency is the most cost effective solution for attaining enhanced energy security, reducing energy supply/demand gap and mitigating climate change impact without compromising on Economic development. With EE we can capture energy cost savings, improve productivity and enterprise competitiveness. It helps improve product quality and level of energy services in facilities. Greetude is happy to be your Energy Efficiency Partner!


Why Energy Efficiency?

Improves Quality of Infrastructure

Improves Your Profitability

Saves Your Money

Brings Energy Transparency

Makes You Environmental Friendly


Did you know?

A 20% cut in energy cost represents the same bottom line benefit as 5% sales in many businesses. Energy Efficiency (EE) has shown savings of 70% in some cases in commercial buildings. EE can deliver 12 times as much output on energy usage and savings than any other renewable energy source. EE is the most applicable and fastest solution available to cut down your costs. Solution ranges from anything like lighting changes to use of high end technology like Internet of Things!


The Value of Energy Efficiency

Energy costs are rising and are not likely to drop. While new technologies and renewable energy sources are gaining in popularity, energy efficiency remains the easiest — and single most cost-effective — way to cut energy use. Research also shows that more efficient organisations have higher productivity rates and increased asset value compared to typical others. More and more organizations are implementing policies mandating environmentally friendly space. What’s more, consumers and employees report a desire to affiliate with organizations they perceive to be environmentally responsible.


A Low-risk Investment

It doesn’t take a lot of money to start saving energy. First, make a commitment, benchmark your energy performance, and create a plan — all with no capital investment needed. Next, start with the no- and low-cost opportunities. Capture those wasted energy rupees and use them to finance more low-cost improvements. Keep saving, keep improving. When you’re ready, you can point to the value of good energy management and secure the capital you need for bigger projects.


Make Money Saving Energy

Most organizations can achieve annual energy savings of 2-10 percent through better energy management. Many Greetude partners have saved much more, including a commercial mall that reduced its entire energy budget by 45 percent!


Stop Procrastinating

The cost of holding off for another year could be substantial. On average, 30 paise of every rupee organizations spend on energy use in commercial buildings is wasted through inefficiencies. How much money is your organization wasting?

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