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Aug 1-2, 2015

Highlights of the Intel Roadshow:IMG_20150801_101235689-01

1. Rush at registration desk + interaction at breakfast

2. Introduction to Intel IoT Hackathon

3. Forming teams

4. Discussing Ideas

5. Finalizing project: Intelligent Ads System

6. Chalking out complete project outline

7. Dividing tasks among team members

8. Getting the basic codes working!

9. Happiness, fun, friends, sharing, memories

10. Lots of free food and goodies!

11. Working on the project

12. Coding, logic, cloud, circuits, intelligence, sensors….

13. Working on the project

14. The sleepless night – and so much fun

15. Getting back to work

16. Finishing the projects

17. Submitting projects

18. Judging

19. Winners

20. Disperse. Take your Intel Edison kit and create future!


IoT – Internet of Things? Well, some say that it is not about things, it’s all about data. But, still what is it? Simply put, when we surpass the limits of a computer and make internet universal, available even to the things around us, we encouraged Internet of Things. With IoT, machines become more intelligent and can take their own decisions to help make our life more comfortable. As the IoT concept is becoming popular day by day, some are grabbing this opportunity by creating high-tech solutions, while some are also bringing forward the possible dangers. Well, it’s you who can decide. I am here not to debate but the tell my experience at Intel IoT Hackathon in Pune. It’s an awesome place to Explore. Innovate. Create a New World.

There have been registrations, selections, pre-meet events, but let’s just jump to the hackathon. The moment we entered the Crystal III Hall at VITS Hotel Pune, we got our free Intel Edison and Grover Starter Kit Plus! After a quick session on basic setup, my team (on-spot with Nikita Korgaonkar and Vinod Patne) started discussions on ideas. Finally, we decided to touch the most untouched concept of IoT: Industrial IoT applications. We decide to make intelligent billboards management system and we call it Smart Ad System.

Advertisement is one the the biggest business today. Some of the  biggest companies like Google and Facebook earn from ads. Why?  Because the ads are SMART and TARGETED. Because the client  pays for the kind and frequency of ads to display. What do we call  this? This is intelligence. Google has all this intelligence inside its  services like Google AdWords and Analytics. So, what about IoT? Here we are talking about physical  advertisements: Billboards/hoarding! Are they intelligent? Nope.  That’s what we aim to do with this project. Smart Ads System(SAS) is meant to solve 3 major issues by  providing multiple solutions:


ISSUE: Huge energy losses because of unman aged power  consumption!

Control the brightness of lights based on:

1. Natural Illumination

2. Traffic Status


ISSUE: Manual workforce needed to get daily status and reports!

1. Generate automatics reports

2. Monitor status from any device – cloud, apps


ISSUE: Most importantly, not at all intelligent! What do we mean?

1. Give priorities based on factors: traffic, time of day, day of week,  weather

2. Rank clients based on: price, requirements, quality etc

3. Make ads dynamic – let boards link with each other

4. Manage the ad content from the cloud and automate the process


IMG_20150801_125557543Here are some  of the features and benefits:

1. Sensing traffic using IR sensors/camera

2. Sensing natural lighting and accordingly light up LED screen

3. Monitor air quality and produce data that can be consumed

4. Give customized ads

5. Create daily reports for hoarding owners

6. Dynamic and smart ad making

7. Updating ads via clouds

8. Saving energy by controlling brightness and based on need Overall, we intent to make this business more customer­centric not  only for us, but also for our customers’ customers.

This was about our project.

Coming back to the hackathon experience, it is not about losing or winning, it is about experiencing and learing. There were 40+ projects at the hackathon. Knowing the concept of other projects is something not to be missed. Some teams were trying to make daily activities comfortable, some were making the travel a great comfort, and some were making us safe. Plethora of ideas! Towards the end of the hackathon, we were asked to submit our project descrptions and wait forour turn so that judges can come and evaluate our projects. The judging criteria was well established.

After the judging and a quick break, results were announced. I am sure the judgement would have been real tough – and it’s meant to be anyways. So, what’s the point of this hackathon or blog? Well, the overall purpose is to explore, innovate and create a new world! Intel IoT Roadshows are organised with the motto to bring out the hidden ideas and talents and giving them wings to fly. Surely, it is creating fastest birds of the near future. The hackathon gives three things: opportunity, environment and experience. Opportunity: to seek any kind of problems one ever thought of and tackle with all the resourcers present under one roof – technical and menotrs. Environment: to encourage and get inspired by everyone around us, with a single motto of doing something innovative and taking a step further towards creating a new world. Experience: no need to say anything. The experience of working on such projects and creating a network with great minds is priceless.

I would like to end my amateur first blog 😛 with a thanking note to Intel for this wonderful experience, and of course for the small gift I received for this blog, photos and videos 🙂

Manu Khandelwal


First Blog – Intel IoT Hackathon
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