Energy Efficiency

Simply put, Energy Efficiency means doing more with less energy. Energy efficiency can be viewed as using the available energy in the most productive way for your organization, thereby making a complete resource sense for your business. Energy Efficiency is the most

How We Work

Start from any stage and get your business energy refined! Our solution starts with a free walk-through audit where we estimate the potential of savings at the client facility. Post this, our team will cherry-pick solutions exclusively customized to the

Savings Models

Guaranteed Energy Savings In a performance-based, guaranteed energy savings contract, the Energy Services Company (ESCO) guarantees a specific reduction in energy use if required operations and maintenance procedures are followed and contractually specified operating schedules and control set points are adhered

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Meet our latest technological innovation EESEE! Completely conceptualized & designed in-house, EESEE is an AI powered energy management suite. It streamlines the process of energy efficiency projects by providing clients, energy auditors, product manufacturers and financing institutions a single transparent platform for coherent interaction and project management. Click here to know more!    

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Services We Offer

Energy Auditing & Consultancy

+ Audit walk-through
+ BEE accredited auditors
+ Quick analysis
+ Identification of major energy leaks
+ Pragmatic solution development

Turnkey EE Solutions

+ Provide turnkey responsibility for projects
+ Provide best and cost effective solutions from industry leading OEMs
+ Commissioning of retrofit solutions recommended
+ Savings preserved over time
+ Long-term financial guarantee

Measurement & Verification

+ Post implementation services
+ Accurate, transparent & consistent assessment
+ Accounting for stable performance
+ State of the art cloud based energy monitoring solutions

Energy Monitoring Solutions

+ Metering of high energy consuming devices
+ Computer processing of energy usage data
+ Cloud based support
+ Real time monitoring and automation

Infrastructure Upgradation

+ Help industries & establishments to upgrade
+ Revamp their equipment and infrastructure
+ Usage of latest technology available in the market to make the process efficient

Energy Efficiency Financing

+ Financing energy upgrades
+ Combining EPSC's with financing, public and private organizations
+ Limited upfront investment

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